Criminal Prosecutions

Criminal prosecutions are investigated by the police or law enforcement agency. Formal charges are brought by the State's Attorney, Commonwealth's Attorney, or United States Attorney, depending upon the jurisdiction, or by a grand jury indictment in more serious cases. In any criminal case, it is advisable to involve counsel in the case as early as possible, even before formal charges are brought. 

As a fomer federal prosecutor, Mr. Stolker is experienced in all phases of criminal trials and appeals. 

Significant steps in a criminal prosecution:

  • Investigation - initial charges - criminal information - grand jury 
  • Initial appearance - preliminary hearing - arraignment - plea
  • Discovery - evidence - witnesses
  • Pretrial motions - suppression of evidence - sufficiency of charges 
  • Plea considerations
  • Trial preparation - voir dire - opening statement
  • Trial on the merits - bench trial - jury trial
  • Sentencing - guidelines - treatment alternatives - community service

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